Global Quilt Connections offers you two different audiences:

Present your live-virtual offerings to guilds and groups


Present your open enrollment virtual offerings to individuals.

All scheduled webinar events are full.  

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Important: before you register please read the requirements below


If I presented in 2020 can I present again in 2021?


Do I have to create a pre-recorded video or can I present live?

Yes, each teacher must prepare a 3 minute video to pitch their LIVE ONLINE workshops and lectures. All videos will be compiled and played by GQC. This will guarantee you a more professional presentation and provide a much smoother experience for your viewers. This also relieves you of the concern about technical glitches on your end.

What should I include in my presentation?

Introduce yourself by name and present a good idea of what kinds of lectures and classes you give. Most importantly, look like you know how to use Zoom and technology. Make sure to repeat your name and your website as part of your closing statement.

Who do I send my pre-recorded video to and how do I do that?

Send videos to via dropbox. Lyric can also accept videos through almost any file sharing service that you prefer.

Do I have to attend the webinar if I am sending a pre-recorded video for you to play for me?

No you don’t. There will be times where the zoom audience can see all of your faces but it’s not required.

What happens if my video is longer than 3 minutes?

It will be rejected and you will be asked to edit it to 3 minutes or less.  You only have 3 minutes, no exceptions!

Can I register and watch the events so I can see what other teachers presentations look like?

Yes. We encourage you to watch and take notes so that you can prepare a better pitch for your audience. Recordings of previous webinars are also available on the website.

How many people will see my presentation?

Our first webinar has had over 5k views as of 9/4/2020 and our second has had over 1600 views.  The GQC website has had over 5k visitors and that number continues to grow daily.

How many inquiries will I get?

That is entirely up to you, but a number of our teachers have received over a dozen inquiries in the first 24 hours. You will get more inquiries if you look tech-savvy. Here is a very important tip: Make it EASY for the guild to find all of your hiring information, including pricing and exactly how you run your virtual offerings, on your website. Please read the FAQ for GUILDS to see the repeated questions we get after each webinar. 

Can I present again at a subsequent webinar?


I registered  to present but I changed my mind can I get a refund ?

Lots of work goes on behind the scenes as soon as you press that registration button and then just as much goes into having to remove you so we are sorry but we are unable to issue any refunds.

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